Leaders of the CPPCC County visited Huaxin Technology

date:2020-06-11 Page view:4405

On the afternoon of March 11, Gu Yiyong, chairman of the Changfeng County CPPCC, Wang Feng, vice chairman of the CPPCC, and other leaders came to the Huaxin Science and Technology Industrial Base in Shuangfeng Industrial Park to investigate the work of resuming production and encourage enterprises to strengthen their confidence and overcome difficulties. Ms. Wang Qun, deputy general manager of Huaxin Technology and chairman of the trade union, accompanied the reception.

Chairman Gu carefully checked the implementation details of the enterprise's epidemic prevention and control, disinfection records of each area, employee temperature monitoring records and other relevant materials, and went deep into the factory, office building, and assembly workshop to learn in detail on the spot.
Ms. Wang Qun introduced to Chairman Gu that the company has adhered to new development concepts in recent years, implemented innovation-driven development strategies, and adopted intelligent new energy sanitation equipment as the main line of development. Its business scope covers waste sorting transportation vehicles and kitchen waste treatment equipment, and integrates embedded R&D, production and sales of key technologies such as control, remote monitoring, unmanned driving and microbial fermentation. Chairman Gu affirmed our company's willingness to invest money in R&D and innovation, and was interested in inquiring about product features and experiencing it for ourselves.

At the end of the investigation, Chairman Gu encouraged our enterprises to step up their efforts to innovate continuously and become a leader in the industry. To ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic, safety production must not be relaxed

Ms. Wang Qun expressed gratitude to the government for a series of support policies for enterprises to resume work and return to production. She said that Huaxin Technology will definitely go all out in this epidemic, work together with government departments, and insist on implementing both , Two-handedness, two battles win, make due contributions to the healthy and stable development of the county's economy!

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