One purpose

Create maximum value for customers

Two ideas

Customer first, integrity-based

Three Guarantees

All around, all coverage, all-weather
All round: one-stop overall service before, during and after sales
24 / 7: 7 × 24-hour service

Four criteria

Integrity, standard, efficiency and economy
Standard equipment, standard behavior and standard process
Ready to go and finish the task
Continuously reduce the use cost of customer's equipment

Five requirements

Fast response, fast arrival, fast troubleshooting, fast supply, fast Q & A
Quick response: the service engineer will start within 15 minutes after receiving the service information
Fast arrival: within 2 hours in urban area and within 8 hours outside urban area
Fast Troubleshooting: general faults shall be handled within 24 hours, and major faults shall be handled within 72 hours
Fast delivery: regular parts meet the requirements within 24 hours
Quick answer: answer the customer's needs within a quarter of an hour
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