The Huaxin Technology Dealers Association is a complete success!

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On May 22, Anhui Huaxin Electric Technology Co., Ltd. Dealer Association was solemnly held at Hefei headquarters. Mr. Yang Shanchun, Chairman of Huaxin Technology, attended the opening ceremony and had a cordial meeting with the representatives of the dealers and gave a welcome speech. .

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Leader's speech, delivering new hope

At the meeting, Mr. Yang Shanchun, Chairman of Huaxin Technology, delivered a welcome speech. First of all, President Yang warmly welcomed the core customers who came to the meeting and expressed his heartfelt thanks to everyone for their trust, support and cooperation over the past years.

Visit the factory, quality is hard core
Under the leadership of Ms. Wang Qun, the deputy general manager of Huaxin Technology, everyone understands in a comprehensive way how Huaxin products were born, from design and selection, to manufacturing and assembly, and then to quality control;


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