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Anhui's first PPP summit held in Hefei

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  May 10th afternoon, sponsored by the China Institute of finance PPP research professional committee, Anhui Province, province road network transportation construction Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui provincial credit guarantee Group Co., Ltd. jointly hosted the first PPP Summit Forum in Hefei, Anhui. The national development and Reform Commission, Ministry of finance, China Banking Regulatory Commission and other relevant ministries leaders and experts attended the meeting and delivered a keynote speech, on behalf of the Anhui Province the city leadership, financial institutions, large enterprises, universities and the media and think tanks and other relevant agencies have also been invited to attend this event, a total of the festivities.


  It is understood that the theme of this forum is "the new normal, new mode, new opportunities, the focus on" along the way "," Yangtze River Economic Zone and other major national development strategy under the guidance, to explore a new mode of the cooperation of government and social capital of the new path, the bank enterprise cooperation, social capital investment in new channels and the construction enterprises are facing new opportunities.

  Anhui Province is the national development and Reform Commission PPP model in the first batch of pilot province, in the exploration and practice of the PPP mode, Anhui also pilot, walk in the the forefront of the country. Under the dual background of urbanization and local government, the PPP mode will be the inevitable choice of local governments at all levels of local government in the economic development of our country into the "new normal". Grasp the PPP mode to bring new opportunities, firmly grasp the initiative of local economic development, continue to promote regional economic transformation and upgrading quality and efficiency is the local government is facing an important issue. Forum will be held not only to build a panoramic cooperation platform for cooperation between government and enterprises, bank enterprise cooperation will also to promote the local economic innovation and transformation and the service of Anhui economic development play to positive role in promoting.




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