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MIT developed a new type of battery, full of electricity as long as 6 minutes

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  It is understood that the use of lithium batteries in the market now, the electrode in each charge, will appear when the particle expansion and contraction of lithium losses, it is easy to shorten the battery life, and this new type of battery used in the nano electrode, the positive electrode is an egg shaped structure, eggshell is titanium, egg yolk is aluminum. When the aluminum is separated from the titanium dioxide shell, the gap allows its expansion and contraction, so that the shell will not be affected, thereby greatly increasing the battery life. In addition to battery life extension, due to the battery charging process of the phenomenon has been significantly slowed down, so as to charge the time needed to get a substantial reduction, it is learned that the battery is applied to mobile devices, full of radio about only 6 minutes. In addition, the capacity of this new type of battery has also increased a lot, you can reach three times the current mobile devices used in lithium batteries.

  At present, this battery is still in the experimental stage, but the relevant scientific research personnel said that this battery is not difficult to mass production, and will be very simple, very cheap.

If this battery research and development success, and put into the market instead of the existing lithium battery, then the mobile device users will be greatly facilitated, imagine, a smart phone, ultra pole, flat panel lights are full of electricity can be used for several days, and the power consumption is only six minutes after the end, which is a very exciting thing.




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