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Electric sanitation trucks are serving 9.3 major military parade in Beijing

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  Electric sanitation car is a simple understanding of electricity for the drive, it has the advantages of environmental protection, beautiful and reduce the two pollution, etc., for the use of the relevant environmental sanitation system. The earth needs a low carbon environmental protection, sanitation sector, the first, electric sanitation vehicles as a cleaning tool, itself has no pollution, has been recognized by the sanitation department.


  Electric sanitation vehicles have a lot of advantages, in addition to the beautiful, to the appearance of the city to add style outside, but also reduce labor intensity, save labor cost, improve work efficiency, but also realize the government vigorously advocate low carbon environmental protection slogan.

  Compared with the traditional sanitation vehicles, electric vehicles, electric vehicles, the advantages of electric vehicles, the function is not lost in the traditional sanitation, and even more than the traditional sanitation vehicles in some functions. Electric sanitation trucks to operate more simple, and lower failure rate.

  At present, the introduction of Beijing sanitation group 22 new sanitation vehicles have been officially posts, and to participate in the 3 - 9 to commemorate the protection of work. It is understood that the sanitation vehicles will be dust removal operations, so that the car passing by the net, the road to see the character". If you encounter rain, sanitation operations will be changed to wash the water". Beijing Environmental Sanitation Group, the relevant responsible person said, according to the plan, sanitation vehicles will according to the size of the rainfall, appropriate adjustments to the formation, speed, sweeping frequency, response surface water.




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