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Warmly celebrate the Hefei Huaxin Electric Technology Center won the provincial enterprise technology center

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Recently, from Anhui by 2015 letter Technology letter [] No. 1023 file "on published the first batch of 24 Province identified list of enterprise technology center and the year 2015 province was identified as enterprise technology center of evaluation results notice" was informed that, Hefei Huaxin Electric Technology Development Co., Ltd. technology center was named the provincial enterprise technology center.

Huaxin Electric Enterprise Technology Center since 2012 was identified since the Hefei Municipal Enterprise Technology Center, leadership of the company to strengthen the construction of the technical center of the company, the improvement of research and development and innovation ability of the company further from enterprise organization adjustment, the operating mechanism of the reform and scientific research funds investment and talent introduction cultivation, industry university research cooperation etc. aspects, strengthen technology center R & D capability, efforts to improve the technology center of visibility and influence in the same industry.

The provincial enterprise technology center assessment is to promote the construction of the province's enterprise technology center, accelerate the improvement of enterprises as the main body, the market oriented, industry, research and technology innovation system, according to the Anhui province that enterprise technology center management approach to evaluate the assessment. Company after the organization information reporting, local recommendations, on-site defense, expert review and a series of procedures, technology center with a sound R & D system, advanced R & D equipment, excellent R & D team, a strong R & D capabilities and fruitful research and development results, obtained the unanimous approval of the experts. The smooth passage of the examination, not only shows that Hefei Huaxin Electric in scientific and technological innovation ability and other aspects of the sales volume has great advantages, at the same time it shows the input of science and technology in spirit and technology innovation company of outstanding performance.




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