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2015 "Red Moon" Hefei Huaxin Electric tour ended

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  2015 is the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war, in the Chinese traditional Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, in order to further strengthen the honour of Watson sense, sense of mission, cohesion, and enrich the lives of employees, the company holds a advance the Dabie mountains red autumn trip activities, let everybody with practical action to remember history, cherish the memory of the martyrs.

  On September 20, 2015, Huaxin Electric "red autumn tour in Hefei Huaxin Electric Technology Development Co., Ltd. (south gate opened. The crew to be fully equipped for, full of spirit, looking forward to into the Dabie mountains.

  Located in the Dabie Mountains, Anhui Province, China, Hubei Province, Henan provinces junction, across Hubei Henan Wan in the three provinces, is one of China's famous old revolutionary base areas.

  Dabie Mountain Resort is located in three mountains, 950 meters on the hillside. The buildings in accordance with potential landscape, in the original, by nature, respect for nature, everything is like from the top of the hill "long" out, so natural. Our accommodation is the "long" out of this deep mountain resort.      Although after four and a half an hour by car bumps arrived in the Dabie Mountain Resort, but Huaxin Electric staff still enthusiastic, hill wood and stone pile construction, let living in the city feel the harmony between man and nature. Everyone can not think this beauty and a "hug", Toyama Handai, near the panoramic view. Now let us together away from the city for a while, bid farewell to the depressed crowded sky, find harmony in diverse urban life is disappearing Tian Che heart.

  The second leg of the "red autumn trip was in Dabie mountain peaks white sharp elevation in 1777 meters of white tip. The top of the mountain is covered with pine trees and rocks. DHC staff hard, dare to climb, march forward courageously have climbed to the top of the hill. The station at an altitude of 1777 meters of Baimajian, Dabie mountain scenery of the mountains, the clouds, the sky take in everything in a glance, well-proportioned.

  September 20th evening 19:30 points, all employees in the Dabie Mountain Resort held a camp fire party and employee conference in September. For the first time in the evening, the staff meeting, we are excited, everyone is full of spirit. When a great bonfire, Huaxin Electric staff gathered Huange and laughing together flying, spent a happy and memorable night.

  Hefei Huaxin Electric Development Co., Ltd. chairman Yang Shanchun personally lit the bonfire of the party and bonfire party and September the staff of the general assembly to pull open heavy curtain. Tonight, let us burn all the enthusiasm of the fire under the fire, to enjoy the joy of travel.

  At the meeting, the July outstanding staff, outstanding staff in August and the August proposal to improve the awards. 7 outstanding employee of the month: frame division Gan Baoqin; Sales Department Tang Tonglin; 8 outstanding employee of the month: Sun Yuanyuan in the finance department, production department Zhang Hui, August proposal to improve first prize winner: Production Department Pan Caijun. Second award winner: Xie Li, purchasing department, after-sales department Xu Chao, Zhang Liang, glass steel division, Hu Yuquan. All the staff gave them a warm hand and congratulated them. At the moment of their glory is by their usual efforts and various aspects of performance, hope all staff work together to create success.

  The party scene, the wonderful program continues to show, laughter, in the host's call, the staff actively participate in the program, all kinds of small games will be pushed to the climax of the evening. Everything is caused by the employees' cheers, so had a quiet night of jubilation.

  Happy after the game, next is the finale of the drama -- the bonfire dance. Accompanied by the melodious music, employees shoulder draped over the shoulder danced around the bonfire, some simply let go of temper, dancing and other styles of dance, laughter filled every corner of the Dabie Mountains.

  Hefei DHC "red mid autumn" tour and ended the afternoon of September 21, 2015. All employees in the appreciation of the beauty of nature, while the experience of the revolutionary ancestors of the hard environment, to realize that we are now happy life, how hard. We are destined to meet in the Watson family, let us pack a good mood, cherish a grateful heart, put to work with a new spirit, Huaxin Development to a new high.




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