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Congratulations to Hefei Watson as "Anhui cleaning industry association" founding member

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  Harvest season in the Chunhua Qiushi, Anhui Province cleaning cleaning industry association established conference and 2015 China cleaning cleaning industry conference on October 23 in Hefei Binhu platinum hanjue Hotel Long screen restart.

  The conference guests leaders of Anhui Provincial People's Congress, governments, the CPPCC National Committee and the relevant departments, Anhui Province, 16 places of city appearance and environmental sanitation department leadership, Chinese business enterprise management association and other 12 "" prefix associations, Shanghai city appearance and Environmental Sanitation Association National 27 clean sanitation industry associations inside and outside the province property, sanitation, cleaning cleaning company leaders and experts and scholars of 1000 people, gathered in Hefei, the deeply rooted in friendship and seek common cleaning cleaning industry development plan.

  Hefei Huaxin Electric Technology Development Co., Ltd. as a founding member governing units, carrying garbage collection and cleaning cleaning equipment appeared on the scene, and share the waste collection and transportation mode and urban cleansing works of the new solution.

  The general assembly is also a rare opportunity to promote mutual learning and exchange, common development of various provinces and cities in the provinces and cities, and the common development of enterprises in the industry, will be a positive role in promoting innovation and development of China's cleaning industry.

Cleaning industry development is inseparable from the innovation and development of cleaning equipment manufacturers, but also inseparable from the professional and precise work ideas, and long-term development is inseparable from the healthy and mature industry environment, Hefei Huaxin Electric as the cleaning cleaning association is the governing unit, will continue to actively promote clean industry related activities, to promote the industry standards and norms, establish mutual exchanges and common progress of integrated service platform, create the new trend of the development of the industry, to give back to the community, to create a clean and healthy environment to make greater efforts.




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