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Huaxin Electric staff conference held in October

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  Hefei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Liuzhou letter laid the foundation stone ceremony on November 14, 2015 morning officially launched, Huaxin Electric staff participated in the activities, activities at the scene lively and extraordinary, Hefei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Liuzhou letter as Hefei Huaxin Electric Technology Development Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary, the construction of the project, marking the Huaxin Electric has opened a new page.

  8:48, Huaxin Electric deputy general, starfish, solemnly announced the start ceremony officially began, the scene lit fireworks, firecrackers. Ceremony in the audience warm applause and the sound of firecrackers in the end.

  Then October conference of outstanding employees is lively and extraordinary, each group leader to lead us read corporate culture, read, from each and every one of them is steely eyed have revealed the confidence and determination of the Watson, read the link which is solemn and stirring, fully demonstrated the spirit of the whole company's positive good.

  In the past month, Huaxin Electric staff struggle together, only to Watson is getting better and better tomorrow, with Watson's development and growth, more and more outstanding personnel to join to Huaxin Electric family, under the leadership of the director of human resource Cao, new employees with their unique way introduced himself. I hope they can be happy life, happy work in china. For the company, but also for their own efforts.

  The general assembly has awarded in September, October outstanding staff, outstanding proposals to improve, in the third quarter of 2015 outstanding team, outstanding Department award and other awards, September outstanding staff frame Division: Wang Weiwei. October outstanding production staff: Yulei, sales department: Hai Tao Pei, excellent proposal to improve third prize won, quality department: Xuan Lei, production department and Yulei, administrative department: juna, purchasing department: Cheryl, second-class award after-sales department: Wei Kang, glass steel business department: Hu Jie, a award production department: Song Chongping, all the award-winning staff excited, field sounded from time to time to warm applause, and excitement affect each a presence of staff.

  In the third quarter of 2015 outstanding team, outstanding sector is meeting will be pushed to the climax, outstanding Department: after-sales department, outstanding team: spraying group, winning department and team respectively: the acceptance speech, expressed thanks to the company, deep to the leadership, straightforward real acceptance speech won thunderous applause.

  Listen to our voice, wish Huaxin better tomorrow, in under the leadership of the glass division director Leung, Watson common business sing song.

  At the end of the meeting, medicine, with a total 45 planning "the important content and everyone shared the his cognition and perception, medicine, general remarks got everyone's sympathy, let us firmly believe that Huaxin in our common development will be getting better and better.




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